How Tight Quads Affect Your Lowerback

Over the last few weeks, I’ve treated numerous people who have had Lowerback pain. On testing, a few had stiff facet joints (spine joints) but some had Lowerback pain due to tightness in the quadriceps muscle.

The quadriceps and iliopsoas (hip flexors) muscles attach on the femur and run through pelvis and reattach on the lumbar spine L1-5. Because of the nature of attachment sights, tightness in the quads or hip flexors adds to pressure in the lower back.

Let’s think of what we do in everyday life. Moving from sitting to standing, walking, running, biking climbing the stairs to name a few. These are all activities that place a great load on your quads and hip flexors.

Office work, sitting all day in a chair, has a negative effect on the quads and hip flexors. The hamstrings lengthen and the quads shorten. This in itself encourages an anterior tilt of the pelvis and shortens the quads further. And yes you guested it places an increased strain on the lower back.

How to rectify the problem – a deep tissue massage, stretching – holding each stretch for 30 second to 4 minutes. Acupunture to the Lowerback and manual therapy.

5 Stretches that help realise the hip flexors and quads.

A low lunge – place both hands on your front leg and gently push your upper body away from your bent leg. Make sure your pelvis is in a neutral position. Hold between 1- 4 minutes. Do both legs.

Butterfly – sit on the floor, bring the soles of your feet together. Allow gravity to lower your knees to the floor – its important to relax in this position. Hold between 1- 4 minutes.

Knee to chest– lie on your back and draw one knee towards your chest. The leg that is extended lengthen it away from your body, keeping your foot flexed. Hold between 1-4 minutes. Do both legs

Swan– lie on your front place your hands at chest level and push up as far as you feel comfortable, try and relax in this position. If your lower back starts to twinge lower down to your elbows. Hold for 1-4 minutes.

Reclining pigeon pose – lie on your back bend both knees, bring your ankle to the opposite knee. Gently lift your leg up off the floor, either grab your shin as in the picture or your hamstring. Relax the top half of your body. Hold for 1-4 minutes. Do both legs

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