Lower Back Daily Exercises

I should probably start this blog by saying that I myself had lower back problems some 12 – 10 years ago. This is how i set off on my journey to become a Sports Therapist. Then subsequently a Pilates and Yoga Instuctor.

I posted on my Facebook page (Sporting Therapies) some of the daily exercises that i do and that will best help my clients. The exercises will be added at the bottom of the blog, should be done daily to start off with, then on a maintenance bases, this might be once a week or 7 times a week ( this is all depends on what your body requires)

All the stretches should be held for at least 60 seconds but can be held for up to 5 minutes. This depends again on your symptoms. Also its no point doing the exercises for 1 day and saying they don’t work or getting a 30 minute massage treatment or Acupuncture and saying that hasn’t worked ( we have all done that). Sometimes its about treating the whole body.

For example: tight quadriceps will pull the pelvis forwards, shorten the hip flexors and subsequently cause pain in the Lower back. Tight hamstring, pull on the glutes and pull on the lower back. Weak glute med muscles will recruit the piriformis muscle to the work guess what lower back pain!!.

If you have persistent Lower back pain, are you stressed? We have psychosomatic symptoms which can manifest its self in many ways but also in lower back pain. So when treating lower back problems this is why some times we probe a little deeper into your life style.

Hip flexor stretch- hold each side for at least 60 seconds to 5 minutes
Hamstring stretch, both sides 60 seconds to 5 minutes
Piriformis stretch 60 seconds to 5 minutes
Child pose hold 60 seconds to 5 minutes
Cobra 60 seconds to 5 minutes
Low lung hold each side 60 seconds to 5 minutes

These exercises may cause slight discomfort, but lessen the stretch if they are causing you pain.

Feel free to share this article with anyone you know with lower back pain.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ring, message or email me at 07761582675 or Sportingtherapies@gmail.com

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