Pilates & Yoga

Pilates & Yoga

Pilates & Yoga has many health benefits

  •  Good for both Mind and Body
  •  Improves Posture
  •  Core Strength Workout
  •  Creates Long Lean Muscles
  •  Increases Flexibility
  •  Improves Sports Performance
  •  Prevents Injuries
  • Improves Energy and Vitality

Pilates and Yoga are both inclusive workout for men and women which can really make a difference to both your physical and mental well being without taking its toll on your body. Yoga and Pilates conditions the whole body, with no muscle group being under or over trained. This is why it is incorporated in to many professional sports teams and elite athletes as part of their training.

1-to-1 Sessions

1-to-1 sessions are also available at a time that suits your schedule. The sessions are tailor made for you working on your problem areas. You have the instructor’s undivided attention for a full hour. Many clients who attend group classes have regular 1-to-1 sessions as it aids progression and understanding. 1-to-1 sessions cost £25 per hour.

Pilates with Julia is brilliant. I feel great after a class, maybe a tad tired but its always worth it. Julia works you hard and she will show you the best way to do a particular exercise. She has a lot of patience and we have a lot of fun. Looking forward to the next class!

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