Problem Calves and Runners by Julia Hartley

Calf pain is often caused by excessive strain- too much training, running distance being increase to quickly or change in running style or surfaces. This results in aching muscles, cramps, tightness or pulled muscles.

Common causes for calf pain is introducing hill or speed work, increasing weekly mileage and increasing training intensity. Another factor, may be you have introduced another session to your weekly routine for example a gym session. This would mean you are fatigued before you run.

The cumulative effect to exercise maybe subtle, if you train regularly you maybe accustomed to running on tired legs and not be aware of how fatigued your legs are getting.


A few days rest can work wonders for fatigued calf’s, stretching and get out the foam roller!!

A good sports massage can help ease problem areas and soon have you back running in no time.

However if you have torn your calf muscle a more in-depth look at your training and injury is essential. Is your calf weak. Can you complete the same amount of calf raises on the left compared to the right?

Is it referred pain from your foot or your back?

Is it lifestyle? Your job requires you to stand or walk all day

These are all factors that are taken into account when treating a patient. Feel free to ring or message me if you require more information- 07761582675

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